SMG Ironic Drums

Drum samples for people who don’t like drum samples.

$60.00 $45.00

Recorded In A Professional Studio

Round Table Recording Company located in Indianapolis, IN. Engineered by Glenn Fricker and Jackson Ward.

The Kit

Tama Starclassic B/B (Birch/Bubinga)

22” Kick, 8×10”, 9×12”, 12×14”, 14×16” Toms

Signal Chains used:

Kick In 1: Shure 91a Beta -> API 312 Preamp

Kick In 2: Sennheiser 902/Audix D6 -> Cranborne Audio Camden

Kick Sub: Solomon LoFreq -> Cranborne Audio Camden

Snare Top: Shure SM57 -> Great River MP-2NV

Snare Bottom: Shure SM57 -> Great River MP-2NV

Toms: Sennheiser MD421 U5 -> API 3124MV

Overheads: Telefunken M60 FET Pair -> Audient Heritage Console Room Back: AEA R84 Matched Pair -> AEA Preamp -> Kush UBK

Room Front: AKG C414 -> Audient Heritage Console

Hallways: AKG C214 -> Audient Heritage Console

Sound Clips

Full Kit 1 – Unprocessed Samples


Full Kit 1 – Processed Samples


Full Kit 2 – Unprocessed Samples


Full Kit 2 – Processed Samples


I hope you like Snares…

Each Snare has 3 tunings. Low, Medium, and High

Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5×14”

A Classic Snare known for its versatility in and out of the studio

Provides thick lows and low mids, with a nice barky mid range and plenty of “crack” to sit in any mix.

Heads Used: Evans UV1 Coated on Top, Remo Hazy Ambassador Clear on Bottom

Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure 6.5×14”

From Pearl’s flagship line of Drums

Made of Maple and Birch with a 5.4mm Shell

Capable of extremely wide tuning range while always having plenty of “body”

Heads Used: Remo CS Ambassador X Coated on Top, Remo Hazy Ambassador Clear on Bottom

PDP Concept Select Bell Bronze 6.5×14”

THE Snare for aggressive Rock and Metal music where your drums have to cut

A Seamless 3mm shell made of Bell Bronze 

Recorded using upgraded Diecast hoops for superior tone

Heads Used: Remo CS Ambassador X Coated on Top, Remo Hazy Ambassador Clear on Bottom

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for engineers and producers who want to use versatile samples without sounding like they’re using samples. When we set out to create this library, we wanted to offer something that was different from what’s currently on the market. We realize that while many great libraries exist, they tend to have a sound that is easily identifiable. Our goal was to capture sounds that any level of engineer or producer could use in ANY style of production, while remaining raw and neutral in tonality. Furthermore, BOTH Processed and Unprocessed versions of all samples are provided in the library. This allows you to mold the drum sounds exactly as you see fit. 

Is this only for Metal?

No. During development we tested this within multiple genres of production and mixing to ensure that they would hold up across many styles of music.

What is a TCI file?

TCI files are designed specifically for use within Steven Slate Trigger 2.0. They provide an easy way to accurately replace or augment existing drum tracks with accurate dynamics.

How do I use these samples in my DAW?

There are a few ways these samples can be used. They can either be manually placed in your DAW by importing the audio files (Wav files provided), or they can be implemented in your mix using Slate Trigger via the provided TCI files. You can also load the Wav Files for “one shot” style implementation. Additionally, we have provided DRT files of the direct mics for users of Massey DRT. 

But samples make my drums sound fake?

Not with these! While complete sound replacement using “one-shots” could definitely lead to fake sounding drums, we’ve provided users with TCI files to ensure dynamic and realistic drum replacement/augmentation. Additionally, having natural sounding drums as a sonic starting point allows for diverse and easily blended drum sounds. 

System Requirements

Supported Formats: TCI (Slate Trigger), .Wav and DRT

Operating System: Up to Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.9 – 11 Big Sur

Apple Silicon Native Support

No iLok or Dongle security required

SMG Ironic Drums

$60.00 $45.00