SMG Savage Grooves Pack

Do you want to take your mixing skills to the next level? Do you want tracks to grow your skills?

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30 Songs

All used on the SpectreSoundStudios YouTube channel over the last two years. Every time I say “let’s hear it in a mix” these are the tracks I go to. Now they can be yours!

Full Production

Each song contains live drums, sample free. They also include all the direct guitar and bass tracks for use with amp sims or reamping.

Use As You Please

Build a resume, attract new clients, post them on your own YouTube show and demo your own mix techniques!

Mix Lessons

What’s more, there are FIVE mix lessons included. I show you how to mix with five completely different plugin platforms: There are lessons for Slate, Waves, McDSP, PSP, and even one on how to mix with completely FREE plugins!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

We’ve collected 30 short songs from videos over the last two years on the Youtube channel, Spectre Sound Studios. These are ALL the tracks… drums, guitars, bass, in raw format.

Can I use these tracks in my own projects?

Yes! The copyright license is unrestricted. Use them in your own videos, demos, however you like. You bought it, you can use it how you please!

Will they work in my DAW ?

Yes! All of the tracks have been consolidated for easy importing. Tempos are noted right on the song folder’s title.

What are the “Bonus Tutorials?”

We put together five basic mix tutorials depending on your plugin platform: Waves, Slate, McDsp and PSP. There’s even a tutorial on how to mix with FREE plugins!

Who played on these tracks?

All sorts of SMG regulars…. Jackson Ward, John Souki, Chris Riffinski, Erik Arko, Felicity, and Rudy Ayoub.

SMG Savage Grooves Pack

[cl_product_price id=”531″]
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